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Over the years money has been made available to assist with funding a wide variety of students as they make their way to the farming and agricultural sectors. Click the button below to find out more about what funding is available from the Royal Bath & West Society.

You can also read some case studies below from students who have received funding from the Royal Bath & West Society and how they

Brymore Academy – Henry

My name is Henry and I am 11 years old. I live on a farm with my younger sister and my mum and dad. I go to a school called Brymore Academy in Bridgewater. It is an agricultural school and I think personally it is the best school for any boy that wants to go there. They do lots of practical lessons like welding, black smithing, wood works, engineering and tool making. You will do those lessons 4 times a week. My favourite part about the school is the farm and that is one of my lessons as well. I love farming, rugby, and mountain biking. I play for a rugby club call Winscombe at the weekends.

One of my goals at Brymore is to be head boy and I would like to make it on to the year 11 rugby team. My goal in life is to get into the Bristol bears academy and I would like to work in the agricultural industry.

I was very fortunate to receive a grant from the Royal Bath and West Society and I would like to put it towards taking part in some after school activities, I would really like to do welding, and blacksmithing.

Brymore Academy – Charlie

My name is Charlie Parsons and I am 11 years old.  I started a new flock of pedigree Dorest Downs a few years ago and we have now grown the flock and had two successful years breeding and showing them.  They have all finished lambing now and I am excited to choose the lambs we will be showing this summer.

I started at Brymore school in September this year and I am really enjoy it.

I was given a sheep dog puppy for my birthday last summer who I named Storm and I can’t wait to train him up to work with our sheep.  He is still a puppy but is showing lots of promise and I can’t wait to get training and working with him when he is a bit older.  I am also really looking forward to the show season to see how my sheep do.  I also really enjoy the young handler classes which are really good fun.

I was really kindly awarded a bursery of £500 to go towards extra curricular clubs and activities at school.   I am starting a welding club after half term and have a school reward trip booked for next week.  I am also joining the school young farmer’s and can’t wait to see what other clubs and activities I can join in with. The bursary funding is enabling me to enjoy all these exciting opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Here are a few photos. The first is when my sister and I took champion and reserve with two of my sheep.  A very proud day!