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Promotion of Agriculture is and always has been the raison d’etre of the Society and, thus, of its Shows. That objective, in turn, has embraced the whole spectrum of economic, technical, social, cultural, and educational improvement to rural life and the nation’s rural economy.

The Royal Bath & West of England Society aims to educate through an array of activities, projects, and events; the most famous of which is the Royal Bath & West Show. The Society’s other events include The Dairy Show,  and the Field to Food Learning Day.

The Royal Bath & West Show

The Show aims to educate throughout, with an array of activities, demonstrations, and appearances. Each section has a variety of engaging offerings for both adults and children, whether you would like to learn about livestock, Horticulture or Vintage Vehicles, there is something for everyone!

Lakeside Farm – our Lakeside Farm is an area during Show promoting the important message of ‘plough to plate’, aiming to show our visitors how our Farmers work to ensure that we get the very best of British food. You can expect to see Sheep, Cattle, Goats and Sow & Litter and even experience milk tasting.

Animals – the Show is full of animals. For those wanting to find out more about equine or dogs, our Stewards are on hand with a wealth of useful information.

Vintage Vehicles – See the steam engines, the shire horse of their day, as they parade – and marvel at the power and precision of the steam powered saw bench.

Bees & Honey – Head to the Bees & Honey Marquee to find out more about the fascinating world of the honeybee. You can see Observation Hives, where you will see Bees going about their business, see the Queen laying eggs & the workers doing the waggle dance & bringing in the pollen!

Horticulture – Green-fingered visitors will love the Horticultural Village at the Show, the village encompasses everything horticulture from the flower tent to Floral Art.

Woodland & Countryside – The Woodland & Countryside Arena is a hive of activity, for all things countryside! See fascinating Hawkeye Falconry, witness Terrier Racing, and learn a wealth of information from ‘the Countryman’.

The Dairy Show

For those that have a specific interest in the Dairy industry, our annual Dairy Show is the perfect educational day, with a timetable of Seminars based on current topics within the industry. In 2022 we discussed all things muck, with big companies (including Mole Valley Farmers) joining us to provide a wealth of knowledge with educational talks. In 2023 we will be talking about Carbon and how to reuse what you can, offset what you can’t.

Field to Food Learning Day

The Field to Food Learning Day has become an integral part of the Society’s work in informing and educating young consumers about where their food comes from, and the hard work farmers do to make sure we eat the very best of British food. For the children to be able look, hear, smell, and get their hands dirty must be the most effective way to learn.