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13th November, 2017

All UK adults without exception have a part to play in addressing the potentially apocalyptic threat of drug-resistant infections. “This is a threat arguably as important as climate change,” says government chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies [ref [1]]

Only last month, a new public information initiative implored those of us suffering a cold or sore throat for example not to expect or pressurise our GP to prescribe antibiotics.

Hot on the heels of new targets for reducing antibiotic use on dairy farms announced by a RUMA-instigated industry group, a conference offering practical advice takes place at the Bath and West Showground on Thursday 7th December 2017.

Speakers include three specialist dairy vets, an animal health researcher, a Welsh farming Nuffield Scholar, and an award winning dairy farmer. The event is organised by Innovation for Agriculture (IfA), the independent body that promotes farming best practice, in conjunction with the Royal Bath & West of England Society.

To help farmers get the maximum practical value out of the day, its centre piece will involve an audience question and answer session with an expert panel. In addition to practical strategies for reducing antibiotic use, the conference aims to send delegates home “motivated to play our own parts in giving our children and grandchildren a realistic chance of avoiding the possibly fatal consequences of an antibiotic-resistant infection.”

Also welcome to attend are vets, farm advisers and people throughout the dairy supply chain, according to Josh Onyango from IfA.

CPD points are available to Dairypro members.

Conference places can be booked at .

The event is part of a three year programme funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Supported by The Royal Bath & West of England Society, a partner member of IfA

More about IfA at

[1] Davies, S.C. “Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, Volume Two, 2011, Infections and the rise of antimicrobial resistance” London: Department of Health (2013)

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