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Over the years money has been made available to assist with funding a wide variety of students as they make their way to the farming and agricultural sectors.

The Society has contributed towards agricultural courses, livestock photography, woodland management and forestry courses, and a rural leadership course to name just a few.  All applications are considered by the Charity Committee and wherever possible we ask our grantees to come and tell us about their projects or courses and to help steward at the various shows held at the Showground.

For further information contact Rachel Freestone.

Conferences play a big part in the Society’s life.   The Dairy Show attracts prominent speakers from within the dairy industry who share a platform to inform and debate the current important topics.

Throughout the year, both day or evening seminars are arranged and have featured subjects ranging from Fuel, Feed and Fertiliser to Managing your Business within Commodity Markets.  Sheep grading days, planning advisory days, information on NVZs, Blue Tongue and advice on Single Farm Payments along with any other issues of the day are also covered.

For further information contact Rachel Freestone.

Royal Bath & West of England Society Charity Committee – Criteria for Funding

  • Applicants should be drawn from Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire
  • Chosen courses should be relevant to the core values of the Royal Bath and West of England Society – for the encouragement of agriculture, manufacture, commerce and rural crafts.
  • Priority should be given to applicants whose award would make a real difference to their lives and to their future.
  • Priority should be given to those applicants who would return to the South West on completion of their studies to contribute to the local economy during their career.
  • All successful applicants will be invited to Steward at the Royal Bath and West Show and become members of the Next Generation.
  • The Society reserves the right to ask successful applicants to write reports on their awards, for inclusion in the Society Journal.

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